Episode 033: How To Have Successful Partnerships

Kelli-Rae and Guest Speaker Brandi Tindall, talk about how to have successful partnerships!

In 2012, at 29 years old, Brandi left the banking industry to create the life and business she wanted. After investing in herself through coaching, she launched her first business, OrganicTan Lethbridge. In 4 years, in a city of less than 100,000, it became the #1 OrganicTan location in Canada. In 2016, she joined Sunna Inc. as a partner and was instrumental in launching our wholesale business & product lines, SunnaTan and SunnaSmile. In 2019, she sold OrganicTan Lethbridge enabling her to focus her talents full time on growing Sunna Inc.  Today she oversees operations, strategy, business development, training, education, marketing & sales for these fast growing North American beauty brands including our newly launched lifestyle brand, SunnaPure!

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